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Monday, January 23, 2012

TV Diner!

Hi guys! Just wanted to remind you that I am going to be the diner of the day on NECN's TV Diner with Billy Costa! I did this on FoodSpot due to the views I get here instead of Bennettropilis.

Food Reviews:Chicken McBites

Hi foodsters! Its bennett and this is a food review of the chicken McBites at Mcds

they are popcorn chicken! Duh!


I've always wanted to go to clink but never got up to it. But I regret that. ALOT. Just because the place used to be a prison does NOT mean it should taste like prison food. NEVER (x1,000,000) go.

♥ Bennett Rapz, Editor In Chief

P.S. don't miss my appearance on TV diner this Febuary! On NECN!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sweet is a cupcake store in Mass. And it is yummy. When you go you see a fancy place but they have fun cupcake flavors such as Buttermilk pancake (has free maple syrup on the side) I ♥ the place.

♥ Bennett Rapz, Editor in chief.

P.S. would have made this a long time ago. Didn't have the blog yet!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bill's, Newton Center

OK. Bills pizza is like the best pizza EVER! (So bill's, you should be going PIZZZA!) I got the naked pizza with light alfredo.

♥ Bennett Rapz, Editor in chief

Towne, Back Bay

Hey foodsters! Towne is a fancy restaurant in back bay and it is delicious! I had the pancakes w/ cotton candy and I got to make it! people outside LOLing at me with cotton candy bigger than my head!

rating: 5 stars

♥ Bennett Rapz, Editor in chief

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Red Mango, Natick

Red mango® is pinkberry®'s biggest competitor, and i know why! same store layout and more... but pinkberry is better due to more locations and more non-fruit toppings

♥Bennett Rapz, Editor and chief